The all-new unique Corn type UVC disinfection lamp with a microwave sensor is highly effective for sterilization. UVC Corn lamp is a design innovation from us to the world for chemical-free, foolproof disinfection. Thus it is suitable for Offices, Factories, Workshops, hospitals, Indoor Stadiums, Food industries, etc. This solution is easy to implement on any existing lamp holder. It has various safety features to ensure clean and safe disinfection. Hence these are suitable for large areas, which is a tough task. Imagine a chemical disinfection procedure for areas such as an office. There will be a lot of LCD screens and keypads in the office. The liquids will spoil all such devices in the office.

UVC lights are probably the safest and easiest way of sterilization which is faster, cleaner, and foolproof. It has a remote Control operation with a delayed start. You can program the UVC corn disinfection lamp for a 30minute or 60 minutes operation. Hence the lamps automatically turn off after use. In case of any intrusion, sensors will detect and turn off the lamp immediately. This avoids any UVC exposure to a person who accidentally comes into the vicinity. It is easy to mount the lamp con a ceiling with E27 Holder. A light properly mounted at the specified height will provide coverage of 20 to 40 Square meter area.

Features of UVC disinfection lamp

  1. It has a patented design with matt silver finish with Aluminum Body.Ceiling-type-UV-lamp-for-Disinfection-Sterilization
  2. Easy implementation is possible into an E27 Holder. So you don’t have to do any fixing or modification work.
  3. It has a Built-in ballast for starting the lamp. Hence it does not require any auxiliary devices.
  4. The Curved Vertical UVC Tubes are rated for 60 W and a second model at 80 W power.
  5. The lamp ensures 360 Degree Coverage. So it will cover the full radius.
  6. This UVC disinfection lamp contains a quartz UVC Tube with 254 nm UVC Spectrum.
  7. It doesn’t produce any Ozone particles. Hence it is safe for human beings once switched off.
  8. UVC light is a proven disinfectant for removing 99.9% Pathogens including Corona Virus (Covid19).
  9. It has a remote control with a delayed start.
  10. There are selectable timer modes for 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes.
  11. It has a buzzer which generates a sound alarm for 20 seconds before the start of the operation. Hence you have enough time to move away from the vicinity.
  12. This UVC disinfection lamp has 3D Sensor detection with 3 PIR and One Microwave Sensor.
  13. It turns off automatically after the timer setting.
  14. The lamp turns off in case of intruder entry for additional safety.
  15. It works on 220-230 V AC.
  16. This UVC Corn disinfection lamp has coverage of up to 30-60 Square meters depending on the lamp power and time setting.UVC-Disinfection-lamp-on-Tripod-Stand
  17. 60 W Lamp is having a diameter of 94 m, Height of 331 mm.
  18. Net Weight of 60 W Lamp is 0.74 kg and the gross weight is 0.86 kg.
  19. 80 W lamp is having a diameter of 94 mm and a height of 431 mm.
  20. Net Weight of 80 W Lamp is 0.74 kg and the gross weight is 1.01 kg.
  21. This UVC disinfection light has a lifetime of 9000 Hours.
  22. It is suitable for most of the general types of commercial and industrial applications.

Applications of UV ceiling type lamp

  1. These UVC disinfection lamps are suitable for large offices, factories, hospitals, schools, Universities, etc.
  2. You can fix it permanently to sterilize your office rooms, cabins, Workstations, industrial space, etc.
  3. A ceiling-mounted UVC lamp is suitable for the disinfection of a commercial kitchen.
  4. These are suitable for the disinfection of toilets.
  5. You can fix UVC lamps at particular distances in passages and common areas of commercial buildings.
  6. These disinfection lamps are suitable for hotel rooms, resorts, casinos, etc.
  7. Disinfect Airport Baggage areas using fixed UVC corn lamps.
  8. These are ideal for the disinfection of Incoming and outgoing cargo.
  9. You can fix these lamps inside HVAC ducts for cleaner air.
  10. UVC lamps are effective for water purification for still water. Hence they are widely used for water purification.

Safety Tips while using UVC ceiling lamps

  1. You should start the UVC disinfection lamp with Remote Control from a safe distance. Thus you can protect the operator.
  2. Follow the delay time and hear the buffer to ensure that the lamp is ON. Thus you can safely operate it.
  3. The lamp has a 3 D sensor and will detect an intruder and turns off the lamp. Hence it gives protection during the operation.
  4. Human beings and pets should avoid continuous exposure to UVC Light.
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to UVC, which may cause skin irritation.UVC-Disinfection-lamp-on-Celing
  6. While you are near to a UVC lamp, you should wear a UV resistant Spectacle.
  7. You should never look directly at the lamp.
  8. If you are an operator, you should wear an entry-level PPE Suit. So you will be protected from short exposures.
  9. Label the area with caution stickers while in operation. Thus, you can give the warning to prevent entry.
  10. You should have suitable protection for the switch so that children do not operate by mistake.
  11. Always use a safe distance for operation with Remote control.

FAQ on UVC Corn lights for disinfection

  1. How can I install this UVC light? Simply insert into an existing E27 type holder in the ceiling of the room. It should be in the middle of the room.
  2. How long should I operate the lamp for proper disinfection? Depending on the size of the room, you have to use it for 30 to 120 minutes.
  3. What happens if someone comes near the light while in operation? It has presence sensors to detect human presence and it will switch off automatically.
  4. What are the capacities available? We have models with 60W and 80W capacity.
  5. How does a UVC light disinfect a room? UV lights in the spectrum of 250 to 280 nm are under the category of UVC lights. These are effective for disinfection and in use for the past few decades. You have to switch on these lights for 30 minutes or more for the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.
  6. Normal UV lights are suitable for disinfection? No. Don’t use UVA or UVB lights for disinfection, but only UVC lights.

Product details of UVC Corn disinfection lampFixing-method-of-UVC-ceiling-Disinfection-Lamp

The product details of this UVC lamp for sterilization are as below:

  1. Brief Title of the device: UVC Corn shaped lamp (80W) for fixing in normal E27 type electric holders for disinfection of hospitals, offices, classrooms, hotels, etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: UVC Light is useful for the disinfection of pathogens including Coronavirus (Covid19). You may switch on the same for 30 to 120 minutes based on the size of the room. It has automatic sensors for safety.
  3. Brand: VackerGlobal
  4. Seller: VackerGlobal
  5. SKU Number: 1031000006
  6. Price (USD): 215.00
  7. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

Brochure for UVC Disinfection Lamps

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