UVC Robot Sterilizer with cutting edge technology is the right answer for safe and secure commercial disinfection. These are especially useful for hazardous and medically risky areas. This innovative product from Vacker helps the world for chemical-free, foolproof disinfection. You can use these for disinfection of  Hospitals, Clinics, Airport, Nuclear Facility, Factories, Workshops,  Indoor Stadiums, Food industries etc. A major advantage of the Robot is that it can reach all nook and corner of the facility. This ensures a high level of standard sterilization.  The product is fitted with collision detection sensors. This ensures smart autonomous navigation and smart obstacle avoidance.

UVC ROBOT Disinfection for hospitals, offices, factories

The customer can pre-program the UVC Robot for single track and Multitrack movement. This will be based on the layout of the facility. UVC Robot has two modes of operations. The first one is Air circulation & Sterilization. The second one is UVC disinfection and Sterilization. In UVC sterilization mode, the lights emit condensed UVC rays to ensure 99.9 % sterilization. This is effective against pathogens which effectively prevent cross-infection. Large LED Panel is provided for programming and status indications. UVC Robot employs open-source technology. We can customize to suit the client’s requirement.

Features of UVC Light Robot

Few of the major features of our UV Light Robot for disinfection are as below:

  1. It has a patent-pending design with stylish looks with ABS and Stainless Body.
  2. The UVC Disinfection robot generates powerful UVC for Disinfection with close proximity.
  3. The UVC lights are vertical tubes to ensure 360 Degree Coverage.
  4. The type of UVC light is Quartz UVC Tube with 254 nm UVC Spectrum.
  5. It provides large Area coverage with air circulation mode and hence you can easily use it for big areas.
  6. UVC lights are proven disinfectant for removing up to 99.9 % Pathogens.
  7. It is easy to program the UVC Disinfection Robot for Singletrack and Multitrack operation.
  8. Autonomous charging and unmanned operation are possible for the highest level of safety.
  9. It has Autonomous Navigation which is very useful for unmanned operation.
  10. Smart Obstacle avoidance feature provides a smooth sail.
  11. We can connect Multi-Robots interconnection for bulk coverage.
  12. You can connect the UVC Sterilizer robots through an interface for major IoT Devices.
  13. It has Built-in Laser ray, gyroscope and speed Sensors and hence requires minimum human intervention.
  14. The motor Torque is roughly 8.1 NM.
  15. The UVC Robot is capable of 360 Degree Zero radius Turning and Coverage.
  16. The linear Speed of the Robot is 0.45 meter/second.
  17. The UVC Robot Sterilizer is capable of wide Coverage up to 30-60 Square Meter on singletrack.
  18. The Roboto operates with open source technology and hence is easily customizable.
  19. There is an onboard large LED Panel for operation and maintenance purposes.
  20. The dimension of the UVC Robot is 54cm X 38cm X 174 cm.
  21. The lifetime of this UVC Robot for disinfection is 9000 Hours.
  22. The device charges with an input power of 220-230 V AC.
  23. The body of this UVC sterilizer is rugged for industrial applications.

Applications of UVC Disinfection Robot

  1. You can sterilize your Large Area Office, Factory, warehouses, commercial spaces etc.
  2. You can use this UVC Robot Sterilizer for disinfection of Hospitals, Schools, University etc.
  3. Sterilize your Rooms, Cabins, Workstations, industrial space etc.
  4. Disinfect your  Operation Theatre, Labs, research centres etc.
  5. Sterilize your Car park area, basement parking spaces etc.
  6. Disinfect Prison, Courts, Defense Area etc.
  7. Sterilize your common areas in buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls etc.
  8. Disinfect Airport, Cargo areas and High-Security facilities.
  9. Sterilize Cinema and Opera Halls.

Safety Tips while using UV light Robots

  1. Start the UVC Robot with Control from a safe distance.
  2. Follow the delay time and hear the buffer to ensure UVC Robot is ON.
  3. The lamp is fitted with Multiple sensors for collision detection.
  4. Turn Off the Robot on Emergency at any point in time.
  5. Avoid continuous exposure of UVC Light.
  6. Excessive exposure to UVC may cause Skin irritation.
  7. Always wear a UV resistant Spectacle and do not look directly to lamp.
  8. Wearing an entry-level PPE Suit is desirable.
  9. Label the area with caution stickers while in operation.
  10. Always use a safe distance for operation.

FAQ on UVC Robots

  1. What is UVC Light? UVC light is Ultraviolet lights in the  UV Spectrum of 250 to 280 nm.
  2. Is UVC Light effective against Pathogens? UVC is a reliable technology to kill pathogens.
  3. Can UVC kill Virus? UVC light disrupts DNA/RNA structure of Virus and will not reproduce or multiply.
  4. How do I decide the movement of UVC Robot for disinfection? You can easily program the same through an LED panel.
  5. How many hours do I need to light up the lamp of infected space? You have to use it for a minimum duration of 30 minutes time for sterilization, but this also depends on the area of coverage. Please contact us with details.
  6. Can I use UV Robots in a sensitive area? Yes. You can operate UVC Robot as per our safety guidelines.
  7. How many Sensors do u have in this products? Multiple Sensors are available with a Laser ray, gyroscope, speed etc.
  8. What is the speed of the product? Speed of the UVC Robot is 0.45 meter/second.
  9. Can I customize the UVC Robot? Yes. UVC Robot follows open Source Software which you can reprogram.

Product details of Robots with UV lights

The product details of this Robot for sterilization are as below:

  1. Brief Title of the device: UV Light Sterilizer for disinfection of hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This Robot has vertical UVC tube lights. You can program the robot for disinfecting a whole area. It has 360 Degree coverage and moves in all directions. They are useful for cleaning all types of large areas.
  3. Brand: VackerGlobal
  4. Seller: VackerGlobal
  5. SKU Number: 1031000011
  6. Price (USD): 39310.00
  7. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

We supply these UV Robotic sterilizers across the world. These countries include the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Newzealand etc.