disinfection and sterilization of hotel

It is a big concern during Covid-19 on disinfection & sterilization of hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are safe haven for pathogens due to the occupancy of humans from many walks of life. In addition, repeated use of toilets and cotton make things more prone to infections. An additional concern is that there will not be any detailed cleaning during the occupancy of a guest.

We have different products and solutions for disinfection of hotel rooms. The products are useful for rooms, toilets, corridors, common areas, Spa, Massage parlour etc. Different solutions like Ultraviolet lights (UVC lights), antimicrobial sprays, Ozone generator etc. are available in our range.

Disinfection & Sterilization of hotel rooms using UVC lights

The first method of disinfection of hotel rooms is by using  UVC Corn Lamps. You can fix the UVC light for disinfection of hotel rooms by fixing in the ceiling in every room. Alternately you can mount the same on a trolley and use it in different rooms. You have to switch on the UVC light for a duration of 30-90 minutes. The duration is based on the size of the room and the rating of the light. We will provide suitable advice on the same. UVC light is a proven disinfectant against pathogens such as virus and bacteria. It is effective for any area such as beds, carpets, toilets etc. In addition to this, you can fix UVC LED Tube Lights inside HVAC ducts. This will disinfect the air as it circulates.

How to disinfect hotel rooms using antimicrobial sprays

disinfection and sterilization of hotel rooms

Another long term hassle-free method for disinfection and sterilization of hotel room is our antimicrobial spray Stayzsafe. This antimicrobial disinfection for hotel rooms is a long term solution for fixed surfaces. It is a one-time application for the hotel room for up to one year. This safeguards the rooms against pathogens. Apart from hotel room surfaces, you can also apply the same on the HVAC system. You may have to apply on the complete HVAC load in the Hotel.

Staysafe acts as an anti-microbial barrier for Hotel room surface. For such cases, you do not have to disinfect at the time of every checkout. However be aware that it does not protect the items such as bed linen, tissue papers etc. This antimicrobial layer also is wash proof for over 100 washes. In a nutshell,  it is a complete solution for Hotel room disinfection on fixed items. It is very effective to use this antimicrobial spray for disinfection of elevators.

Sterilization of hotel washrooms against pathogens & viruses

As the washrooms contain various movable items, it is ideal to use UVC lights. You can switch on the UVC lights periodically for 15-30 minutes for complete disinfection of the entire surface. We will advise on the required duration based on the size of the room.

Disinfection & Sterilization of hotel corridors

Hotel corridors consist of walls, chairs, tables, handles, rails etc. Guests frequently touch these areas. Hence it is very prone to contamination of pathogens including Covid-19 viruses. You can use the antimicrobial spray which gives protection for up to one year.

Disinfection of Spa and Massage parlors in hotels

A combination of UVC lights and our antimicrobial sprays are useful for disinfection of such areas. The method of disinfection of Spa & Massage parlors involves disinfection of moving and fixed items.

FAQ on disinfection of various areas of a Hotel

  1. How long will it take to complete disinfection of a hotel room after a guest leaves? It will take typically 30-60 minute using a UVC light.
  2. The disinfection methods are safe for the guests? Yes, the methods are proven for disinfection.
  3. Is it possible to disinfect while the guest is in the room? During the disinfection process with UVC lights, there should not be anyone present in the room.
  4. Is there any method for disinfection while the guest is in the room? You can fix UVC lights in the HVAC ducts for disinfecting the air.