Portable Disinfection Robot

What is a Portable Disinfection Robot?

The new UV Disinfection Robot Sterilizer is a portable disinfection robot that is a foolproof way of disinfecting critical facilities. The robot blends UVC and peroxide sprinkler hydrogen disinfection. It is more effective than disinfection with UV light and does not leave a discreet risk of pathogens.

The portable robot disinfection is suitable for both risky and medically unsafe environments. These applications are also suitable for manufacturing applications such as nuclear facilities, factories, workshops, and the food industry. It has Intelligent navigation with a crash sensor tracker. This guarantees intelligent independent navigation and the avoidance of intelligent obstacles. It also has a unique function to recharge automatically at desired ranges. This guarantees a smooth operation.

A portable disinfection robot is an independent device and can be manually operated. It can also work in a fully automated mode. Coronavirus and microorganisms can be disabled in record time with integrated lamps and their mobility. The platform is highly secure based on artificial intelligence, integrated sensors, and cameras.


The features of  UV portable disinfection robot are :-

  • This ultraviolet sprinkler cleaning system is very similar to powerful UVC disinfection.
  • Map-based independent browsing offers fast surroundings navigation.
  • Singletrack and multitrack operations are conveniently programmable.
  • This high-quality, robust sterilizer is ideal for industrial use.
  • Effective monitoring and traceability of robot disinfectant processes are possible.
  • This sprinkler ultraviolet cleaner has a WIFI, 4G, and Bluetooth network interface.

The robot disinfection model has two different separate independent modes of disinfection. The first is UV-mounted vertically. Like every other UV robot, this works. The second is a sprinkler that sprays atomized peroxide of hydrogen in the air. The spray is mist forms and disinfects around the robot's moving location. This then offers even more efficiency in disinfection.

The UV and Sprinkler portable disinfection robots are suitable for hotels, hospitals, business buildings, and airports, etc. This robot has a UVC sprinkler and UVC tube lights for disinfectants which is useful for cleaning large areas of all kinds. We also provide other kinds of air purifying products.

Vacker Global provides portable disinfection robots perfect for the arrears that need to be disinfected regularly. For detailed information please contact our sales office at sales.en@vackerglobal.com Visit our website: www.vackerglobal.com.