disinfection and sterilization of aircraft


It is a concern nowadays during Covid-19 on methods for disinfection and sterilization aircraft. This includes passenger Aircraft & cargo aircraft. Aircraft are most vulnerable to infection due to high human occupancy in a confined space. There is also very minimal external air circulation. In-house dining adds more chance for bacteria and fungus growth. This is due to the leftover of minute food and beverage particles. Most of the times aircraft are not sufficiently cleaned due to hectic time schedules.  Hence aircraft is a big haven for pathogens.

Also, disinfected surfaces can be infected soon again within no time due to repeated human turnover during several flights.

So, we have different products for disinfection covering UVC lights as well as a microbial shield to provide adequate safety for the passengers.

Disinfection and Sterilization of Aircraft cabins using an antimicrobial spray

Answer to Aircraft disinfection and microbial shield is Stayzsafe Antimicrobial spray disinfectant. It is an Atomizer which is a disinfectant and protectant. Staysafe once applied through a simple fogging method while the Air-conditioning is in operation will sanitize the surface and air-conditioning channels.

Further Staysafe will act as an antimicrobial shield against pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites etc for the next 12 months due to its cell rupture technology. The antimicrobial spray for disinfection of aircraft is also wash proof for up to 100 washing hours. Absolutely non-toxic, chlorine-free with neutral smell will make an ideal choice for aircraft disinfection.

Disinfection and Sterilization of Aircraft using Ultraviolet lights (UVC lights)

disinfection and sterilization of aircraft

UVC lights is another method which is effective for any closed spaces. We have to keep the UVC light for a certain period such as 30 to 90 minutes based on the size of the aircraft. The duration also depends on the number of UVC lights.

UVC lights for disinfection of aircraft cabins are very effective in killing pathogens including Covid-19 viruses. After each trip, you can use the UVC lights to ensure proper disinfection. While operating the UV lights, there should not be any operating personnel within the aircraft. The light has protection sensors to detect human presence. In case anyone comes in the vicinity, it automatically switches off the UV light.

Disinfection of Washrooms in flights

It is easy to disinfect the washrooms during the flight using UVC lights. You can permanently fix a UVC light for disinfection of aircraft toilets. During the flights, you can lock the toilet and switch on the UVC light for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the toilet will not be operational. No one should enter the room during this time. There is an automatic timer in the UVC light. This will automatically switch off after the required duration.

Disinfection of Cargo holds in planes

disinfection and sterilization of aircraft

The cargo hold is the area where we store all the cargo in the place. As there will be many items of baggage from many passengers, virus contamination is a real risk. The technicians can disinfect this area using a portable UVC light. This UVC light for disinfection of cargo area is fixed on a portable stand. You have to keep the UVC light for 30-60 minutes for proper disinfection. We will advise the exact required duration based on the space and the rating of the UV light.

FAQ on disinfection of aircraft

  1. How long will it take to complete disinfection of an aircraft? It will take typically 30-60 minute using  UVC light, but depends on the size and number of lights.
  2. The disinfection methods are safe for the passengers? Yes, the methods are proven for disinfection.
  3. Is it possible to disinfect while the aircraft is in the air with passengers? The toilets can be sterilized with UVC lights. Applying the antimicrobial spray will protect all surfaces of the passenger cabin.
  4. How to disinfect the cargo area of aircraft? You can use UVC lights before or after the flight.