How about a Strong Sterilizer combining two different Technologies for disinfection? Table Top UVC Ozone Sterilizer combines the goodness of UVC and Ozone together to your Office/Home. Reach all corners of Home/Office infected area and disinfect in less than 30 minutes to your satisfaction. Product is arc shaped and stylish which is available in various elegant white color with coated aluminum and UV Tube. The Product generate 2mg/hour ozone and radiates UVC Light to disinfect a sizeable area. Other advantages are removal of odors in the area , removal of toxic substances to ensure a nice clean Hygienic surface. Remote Control is provided for setting timing ans start from a safe distance to avoid UVC exposure. One Unit can be carries to different parts of Office/Home to ensure disinfection or you can go for separate units for each space.

Features of UVC + Ozone Sterilizer

  • Arc shaped stylish design with coated Aluminum Body
  • Vertical UVC Tubes – 38 W power to ensure 360 Degree Coverage.
  • Ozone generation at the rate of 2mg/hour
  • Sure shot disinfectant to kill 9 % Pathogens
  • An additional advantage of bad odor and toxic substances from the area
  • Selectable Timer  modes 15minutes/30minutes/90minutes
  • Operate remote from a distance foe safety
  • Cute design easy to carry
  • Works on 220-230 V AC
  • Coverage up to 30-40 Square Meter
  • Weighs only 152 g
  • Product has a Height of 46 cm with a diameter of 21 cm
  • Proven lifetime of 5200 Hours
  • Rated as a top rank sterilizer for Office/Home applications
UVC lamp with Ozone for disinfection

Applications of UVC & Ozone combined sterilizer

  • Sterilize your Office/Home/Hospital/Kindergarten
  • Sterilize your Rooms and Cabins
  • Disinfect your Kitchen and ensure clean odor
  • Disinfect your  Toilet
  • Sterilize your Shoe cabinet
  • Disinfect Passages
  • Sterilize your common area

Safety Tips

  • Ensure that you keep safe away from the unit while in operation
  • Avoid continuous exposure of UV and inhalation of Ozone
  • Ventilate the area after use
  • Excessive exposure of UVC may cause Skin irritation
  • Do not inhale large quantity of Ozone which may result in headache
  • Wash your eyes with water of u expose ozone in excess
  • Ozone is non Toxic and inflammable
  • Keep the unit away from children
  • Always use a safe distance for operation with Remote control


Ozone is a non-toxic gas like oxygen, oxygen is o2 and Ozone is O3

Yes . Ozone is highly powerful natural disinfictant

Yes. Will deactivate and neutralize Virus

Not safe of a larger amount.

Ozone will remove bad smell

Yes. Delay time of one minute is there to keep away

Turn off the unit and carry