SOLAR UVC GERMICIDAL LED LAMP is a multipurpose Lamp, which combine the function of a Wall lamp  Detachable Torch and a UVC Germicidal Lamp. Truly a design innovation which works with Solar Power UVC LED and state-of-the art Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Battery . Built with a PIR Sensor and Lamp will sense the movement and turn on to avoid wastage of Energy . The lam can be detached and carry like Torch on one side and other side a Powerful UVC LED Lamp for proven UVC sterilization.  All three functions such as a Wall Light, Torch and a UVC germicidal Lamp all built in one unit. Assure a true sterilization with UV LED 260-280 nm with 24mW power.  UVC sterilization, UVC rays are emitted to ensure 99.9 % sterilization against pathogens which effectively prevent cross infection. Once charged for 10 Hours in full sunshine, the product works up to 10 days with adequate battery capacity. The product is weatherproof with a 1000 lumen output. Two separate switches are provided for regular lighting and sterilization. Value for money and a must buy for a Villa Owner.


  • Patented Design with stylish looks with ABS and Stainless steel Body
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel with over 21 % Efficiency
  • Built-in PIR Sensor for off/on mode for saving battery power
  • Smart design with combined UVC & UVC Sterilization
  • High Lumen LED with 170 Lumen/w Efficiency
  • UVC LED 250-280 nm with 24 m W power
  • Detachable Lamp with torch function
  • Detachable UVC Germicidal Lamp
  • Solar Charging time 10 hours for initial start
  • 15 days back uptime
  • Fitted with Lithium Battery 3.7 V, 7.4 WH
  • Fitted with USB Charger for emergency charging
  • The lifetime of LED greater than 30000 Hours
  • Proven disinfectant for removing 9 % Pathogens
  • Weatherproof product with IP 65 certification
Solar UVC LED Virus Disinfection Lamp


  • Sterilize your Office / Factory/Hospital/Schools/University Entry
  • Sterilize your Villa Rooms , Tabletop
  • Disinfect your  Car Keys , Wallet , vanity Bag
  • Sterilize your Mobile Phone
  • Disinfect Laptop and Tab
  • Entry Wall light for Villa entrance and side walls
  • Disinfect Soft Toys
  • Sterilize Door Handles
  • Sterilize your merchandise

Safety Tips

  • Do not expose to UVC Light beam r
  • Avoid looking at UVC light directly
  • Continuous exposure of UVC Light may cause skin irritation
  • May cause eye irritation and cornea damage in case long hours of exposure
  • Be a mature user and do not focus light on others
  • Keep away from children


UV Spectrum 250 to 280 nm of is known as UVC Light

UVC is a reliable technology to kill pathogens

UVC lights disrupts DNA/RNA structure of Virus and will not reproduce or multiply

Follow instruction manual

Minimum of 10 seconds time for sterilization and more if required

No. Keep away from any part of the body to avoid skin irritation.

The initial operation needs 10 Hours of  Sunshine

One PIR Sensor for movement detection

Yes. Weather proof with IP 65 certificate