ROBOT with UV light, Air purifier and Disinfectant Sprinkler is the ultimate solution for disinfecting mission-critical facilities. It combines UVC technology, Plasma Air Purification with HEPA Filter to halt virus-containing SPM. Hydrogen Peroxide Atomizer disinfection leaves no hidden areas of pathogen infection. UVC and Hydrogen Peroxide are suitable for disinfection of pathogens including Coronavirus (Covid19). Selectable Dual mode of operation will enable the Robot to configure the area according to the intensity and time of usage. You can operate the robot in Automatic Sprinkler and Air Purifier mode in a crowded area without turning on UVC Light.

There are UVC robots which have only UV lights for disinfection. It can leave some areas as blind spots which are not directly exposed to UVC light. This leaves a chance for pathogen accumulation in hidden areas. All three modes of operation with UVC, Hydrogen Peroxide and Air filter will leave the place 99.999 % sterilized against pathogens. Since it is atomizer based disinfection, it is a safe process with no adhesion, small particles, or residue. These are ideal for hazardous and medically risky areas. Wide range of applications include Hospitals, Clinics, Airport, Nuclear Facility, Factories, Workshops,  Indoor Stadiums, Food industries etc.

This Robot has intelligent navigation based on the map with collision detection sensors. This ensures smart autonomous navigation and smart obstacle avoidance. The product also has a unique feature for auto recharging at desired intervals. This ensures a smooth workflow. Real-time monitoring of the disinfection is possible along with traceability of the Robot in the facility. UVC rays will directly destruct DNA or RNA protein structure of virus cells. This results in direct cell death and makes it impossible to reproduce. The droplets of hydrogen peroxide are less than 10 μm. It can disinfect eh air and efficiently destroy bacteria and purges virus including COVID19. UVC rays also act as a catalyst for the better decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. This makes it complete, foolproof disinfection for the facility. UVC Robot employs open-source technology of the operating system. Hence customers can customize it to suit the client’s requirement.


Features of ROBOT with UV light, Air purifier and Disinfectant Sprinkler

  1. It has a patented design with stylish looks with ABS and Stainless Body.
  2. The Robot provides powerful UVC Disinfection with close proximity along with Auotmatic Sprinkler and air purification.
  3. Nine, Vertical UVC Tubes ensure 360 Degree Coverage of disinfection.
  4. The Robot has Quartz UVC Tube with 254 nm UVC Spectrum.
  5. 360 Degree Spray Nozzles provide efficient atomizer penetration.
  6. It has high Disinfection efficiency of 3 Hours for 1500 sq meters.
  7. The robot has air purification using plasma Air filtration with HEPA Filter.
  8. It has air Sensor which measures Hydrogen peroxide concentration for automatic operation.
  9. The navigation is based on a map programmed in the Robot.
  10. You can easily program the UVC Robot for Singletrack and Multitrack operation.
  11. Autonomous charging and unmanned operation are available for safety.
  12. Smart Obstacle avoidance is possible for a smooth sail.
  13. Real-time Monitoring of disinfectant process and traceability of Robot is a major feature.
  14. You can interface the Air purifier Robot for major IoT Devices.
  15. Built-in Laser ray, gyroscope and speed Sensors provide autonomous operation.
  16. 360 Degree Zero radius Turning and Coverage is possible.
  17. The speed of the Robot is 1 meter per second.
  18. This automatic sprinkler Robot with air purifier has a battery life of 8 Hours.
  19. Wide Coverage up to 30-60 Square Meter is possible on singletrack.
  20. Open source technology is easily customizable by the user.
  21. Large LED Panel helps the operator for operation and maintenance.
  22. The dimensions of the UVC Robot is 50cm X 50cm X 135 cm.
  23. We provide network Interface with WIFI, 4G & Bluetooth.
  24. Input power for Charging is 220-230 VAC through normal commercial power plug.
  25. This Robot is designed for industrial applications.
  26. Hydrogen Peroxide and UVC have been in use for decades as an effective disinfectant for removing up to 99.9 % Pathogens.

Applications of Automatic Sprinkler Robot with UVC & Air purifier

  1. This robot is useful for Sterilizing your Large Area Office, Factory, Hospital, Schools and University.
  2. You can use it to sterilize your Rooms, Cabins, Workstations, industrial space etc.
  3. It is useful to disinfect your Operation Theatre, Laboratories, research centres etc.
  4. These Robots are useful to disinfect Courtrooms, meeting rooms, prison etc.
  5. You can use these Robots to sterilize common areas, corridors etc. in commercial and residential buildings.
  6. These are highly useful for disinfection of Airport, Cargo areas etc.
  7. Sterilize Cinema and Opera halls, conference halls, town halls etc.
  8. These will be the ideal choice for sterilization of hotels, resorts etc.

Safety Tips while using Robots for UVC & Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning

  1. Start the UVC Robot with Control from a safe distance after evacuating the place.
  2. Follow the delay time programmed in the Robot and listen to the buzzer sound.
  3. The lamp has multiple sensors for collision detection.
  4. You can switch off the Robot in case of Emergency.
  5. People or pets should avoid continuous exposure to UVC Light.
  6. Excessive exposure to UVC rays will cause skin irritation.
  7. Any operator should wear UV resistant Spectacle while operating near to the Robot.
  8. People or pets should not look directly at the UVC lamp.
  9. The operator may preferably wear an entry-level PPE Suit.
  10. The operator should always use a safe distance during the operation.

FAQ on Atomizer Robot for Hydrogen Peroxide with UVC & HEPA Air Purifier

  1. What are the modes of disinfection available? This Robot with UV light has UVC disinfection, Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection and Air purification with a HEPA filter.
  2. Can I use the disinfection functions separately? Yes, you can use either UVC, Hydrogen peroxide sprinkler or Air purification separately or together.
  3. How long can the Robot operate on battery? It can operate for up to 8 hours on a full charge?
  4. Why should I prefer UVC+Hydrogen Peroxide Robot over UVC only Robot? If you go for Robot with only UVC lights, the UV light will not reach hidden areas. However, Hydrogen Peroxide spray can reach much more areas.

Product details of Hydrogen Peroxide Spraying Robots with UV lights & HEPA Air purifier

The product details of this Robot for sterilization using Hydrogen Peroxide, UV Lights and HEPA Filters are as below:

  1. Brief Title of the device: Hydrogen Peroxide Sprinkler Robot with UV Lights Sterilizer & HEPA Air purifier for disinfection of hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This Robot has Automatic Hydrogen Peroxide sprinkler, vertical UVC tube lights and Air purifier with HEPA filter. You can use either one or all of those disinfection methods. They are useful for cleaning all types of large areas.
  3. Brand: VackerGlobal
  4. Seller: VackerGlobal
  5. SKU Number: 1031000013
  6. Price (USD): 113,430
  7. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

We supply these UV Robotic sterilizers with Air purifiers and Automatic sprinklers across the world. These countries include the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Newzealand etc.