Wide range of products for improving Air quality and for Disinfection & Steilization

The air is increasinly getting polluted across the world. Also there are lot of contamination by pathogens, bacteria, viruses etc. includign the ongoing Corona, Covid19 Viruses.

At Vackerglobal, we design and deliver various products for improving the quality fo life of human beings. We also have  disinfection Robots using UV lights, Hydrogen Peroxide sprinkler and air filtering using HEPA filters. We have separate machines with HEPA filters for air cleaning.

We provide all custom solutions such as modifications of HVAC system to incrporate HEPA filters, UV lights etc. which are effective for cleaning of pathogens including Coronavirus. These re suitable for hotels, hospitals. airports, aircrafts, cinema halls, schools, universities etc.


VackerGlobal is a multi-discipline company with multi-national operations worldwide in a wide range of engineering solutions including Robotics, Automation, Internet of Things, Sensors, Monitoring Systems, Software etc.


We operate in segments of Automation, Cold Chain Management, Monitoring systems, IoT, Dehumidification, Air Quality equipment, etc. Our software division develops AI based solutions, Custom software etc.


We provide our products and services across continents such as USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. We also have partners in certain countries who will provide local assitance on installation and servicing.

Our Products

Air Quality Improvement

We provide HEPA Air cleaners, Air washers with humidifier, Air purifiers, Ozone based Odour eliminators etc.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Use our wall-mounted and handheld air quality monitors, meters and sensors to measure the quality of indoor air and ensure the safety and comfort of workers in commercial and industrial environments.

UVC protable disinfector

This is a pocket sized UVC light disinfector suitable for cleaning keys, elevator switches, papers, courier packets etc.

Ozone table top Disinfector

This Ozone based table top air purifier is suitable for small offices, bed rooms, toilets etc. It produces Ozone to disinfect the air.

UVC Disinfection Robots

This UVC Robot automatically moves around the room and emit UVC rays to disinfect the room.

Sprinkler Disinfection Robots

This Robot has Hydrogen Peroxide Sprinkler combined with UVC lights. This gives highly effective disinfection.

Antimicrobial Spray for cars

This Antimicrobial Spray is suitable for Virus disinfection of cars, vans, buses etc.

Solar rechargeable UVC

This UVC light sterilizer is with solar charging facility. This is pocket sized for disinfecting surfaces while you are on the move.

UVC Corn lights

UVC corn lights are simple ceiling mounted lights for disinfection of offices, hospitals, clinics etc.

UVC Tube Lights

UVC Tube lights are T9 sized tube lights. These are for permanent fixing inside rooms, hospitals etc.

Robots with UVC and HEPA purifier

This Robot has 3 modes viz. UVA light, Disnfectant sprinkler and HEPA filter

Ozone Odor Eliminator

These Ozone based odor remover is for fixing inside HVAC ducts in hotels, restaurants etc.

What’s New


Disinfection Robot

This innovative Robot form Vacker has UVC light and Hydrogen Peroxide sprinkler for disinfection. You can use these for disinfection of Hospitals, Clinics, Airport, Schools, Nuclear Facility, Factories, Food industries etc.

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UVC corn lights

UVC corn lights are for commercial and industrial use for disinfection of rooms, hotels, laboratories, hospitals etc. You can simply fix this into an existing bulb holder in the ceiling. Simply switch on for 30-90 minutes based on size of the room.

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Pocket type UVC sterilizer

Pocket UVC sterilizer (UV Light sterilizer) is for disinfection of small items. These include disinfection of mobile phones, currency notes, keys, elevator buttons, courier packets, etc.

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About Us

VackerGlobal is providing air engineering solutions for almost 10 years. Our products and services are available across the world including the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. VackerGlobal is involved in all kinds of sensors, measuring instruments, monitoring systems, and control solutions for temperature, humidity & pressure. We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company trusted by multinational companies.

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