disinfection of hospitals

It is very critical to do Disinfection of Hospitals due to the population of infected patients. All sections of a hospital environment are susceptible to frequent infections. The areas include right from entrance lobby to the wards, consulting area, labs, operation theatre and morgue.  Each of these areas needs disinfection using various available technologies and possibly a combination of many solutions.

We are supplying antimicrobial spray, UVC corn lights, UVC robots and UVC tube lights for disinfection of hospital rooms, wards, operation theatres, elevators, negative pressure rooms, HVAC ducts etc.

Disinfection of hospitals using Antimicrobial spray

We are supplying antimicrobial spray Stayzsafe which are useful for disinfection of all stationery items in a hospital. It also provides an anti-microbial coating which lasts up to one year. This will ensure protection against frequent contamination which may likely to happen at any time in a hospital or clinic. Since Stayzsafe is wash proof for over 100 washes, regular cleaning won’t affect the efficacy of the applications.

How to Perform Disinfection of clinics & hospitals using UVC lamps?

disinfection of hospitals and clinics

The hospitals already use UVC technology for the past few decades. However, the application was mainly for critical areas such as operation theatres, ICUs etc. UVC light disinfection for hospitals has been in practice for a few decades. UVC light disinfection is effective for Air, water and surface disinfection for various areas. We can use UVC Corn Lights in most of the areas of a hospital. However, there should not be anyone present in the area during the disinfection. The disinfection process takes 30-60 minutes based on the size of the area.

The UVC Corn light has sensors which will switch off automatically in case someone appears in the vicinity. The sensors turn off the UVC light upon detection of movement. Another economic way of doing chemical-free disinfection is to carry around the UVC Corn Light to key areas. You can mount the UVC light on a stand and move it around different areas which need disinfection.

UVC Robots for disinfection

Also, you can use UVC Robots which are very popular now in Hospitals. This ensures trouble-free, safe disinfection without the need for any operating personnel. We have multiple models of Sterilization Robots with a combination of UV lights, Hydrogen Peroxide sprinkler and HEPA air cleaner.

Disinfect hospitals using UVC tube lights

UVC LED Tube lights are for permanent fixing on the ceiling of rooms, corridors etc. The method of UVC Tube lights for disinfection are also useful HVAC Applications for both Air and Equipment disinfection. We can fix UVC LED tube Lights inside HVAC Ducts to ensure a pathogen-free air. Also, UVC LED Tubes near HVAC condenser coils will prevent built-up of pathogens and fungus on Condenser coil. This will ensure clean air and better efficiency of the compressor. UVC technology is useful for water treatment also in the hospital to ensure chlorine-free water. Overall UVC technology plays a vital role in the Hospital industry for chemical-free and reliable disinfection.