We supply UV Disinfection Robot Sterilizer which is a foolproof way of disinfecting critical facilities. This Robot combines UVC technology and Hydrogen Peroxide Sprinkler disinfection. Hence it is much more effective than a UV light disinfection. This does not leave any hidden chance of pathogen infection. Dual-mode of operation is critical for UVC robots. Robots with UVC alone can leave some hidden areas which are not directly visible to UVC light. This leaves a chance for pathogen accumulation in hidden areas. Our Robot is with atomizer based disinfection. This is much safer than normal ones. The process does not leave small particles causing adhesion or residue.

These are ideal for hazardous and medically risky areas. The wide range of applications includes Hospitals, Clinics, Airport, Indoor Stadiums etc. Also, these are for industrial applications such as Nuclear Facility, Factories, Workshops and  Food industries. It has Intelligent navigation with a map with collision detection sensors. This ensures smart autonomous navigation and smart obstacle avoidance. The product also has a unique feature for auto recharging at desired intervals. This ensures a smooth workflow.

Real-time monitoring of the disinfection is possible along with traceability of the Robot in the facility. UVC rays will directly destruct DNA or RNA protein structure of virus cells. This results in direct cell death and inability to reproduction. The droplets of hydrogen peroxide are of size less than 10 μm in the air. This can easily disinfect bacteria and virus including COVID19 (CoronaVirus). UVC rays also act as a catalyst for the better decomposition of the spray. This makes complete, foolproof disinfection for the facility. UVC Robot employs open-source technology. This means that you can customize the programming to suit the client’s requirement.

UVC disinfectant Robot - VackerGlobal

Features of UV Disinfection Robot for room Disinfection

  1. The UV Light, room sterilizer robot has patented Design with stylish looks with ABS and Stainless Body.
  2. This ultraviolet cleaning machine with automatic sprinkler provides Powerful UVC Disinfection with close proximity.
  3. Vertical UVC Tubes ensure 360 Degree Coverage in the area.
  4. Quartz UVC Tube with 254 nm UVC Spectrum is highly efficient for disinfection.
  5. 360 Degree Spray Nozzles provide efficient atomizer penetration.
  6. Map-based autonomous Navigation provides easy navigation around the area.
  7. You can easily program for Singletrack and Multitrack operations.
  8. This ultraviolet cleaning machine has autonomous charging and unmanned operation for enhanced safety.
  9. It has smart obstacle avoidance for a smooth sail.
  10. Real-time Monitoring of disinfectant process and traceability of Robot is possible.
  11. The UV Light, room sterilizer robot has Interface for major IoT Devices.
  12. It has Built-in Laser ray gyroscope and speed Sensors.
  13. 360 Degree Zero radius Turning and Coverage ensures smooth manoeuvring.
  14. The Room disinfection Robot has a speed of approximately 1 meter per second.
  15. This UV light cleaning machine has a battery life of 8 Hours.
  16. The UV Light Robot Sterilizer has a wide coverage of up to 30-60 Square Meter on singletrack.
  17. Open source technology helps easy customization.
  18. Large LED Panel helps in operation and maintenance.
  19. The dimension of the UV Light room sterilizer robot is 50cm X 50cm X 135 cm.
  20. This ultraviolet cleaning machine with sprinkler has network Interface WIFI, 4G and Bluetooth.
  21. Input power for charging of this ultraviolet cleaning machine is 220-230 VAC.
  22. This top-rated rugged sterilizer is suitable for industrial applications.
  23. UVC and Hydrogen Peroxide are effective disinfectant for removing 99.9 % of Pathogens including Corona Virus.
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Advantages of a UV light disinfection robot with sprinkler

There are plenty of Disinfection Robots with UV lights only. The main limitation of the UV light is that it requires direct exposure on a surface. UV light disinfects any surface on which it falls. However, typically a room will have furniture, medical equipment and alike. Hence it becomes impossible for the UV light to reach the entire surface in the area. This is a serious limitation. Our room disinfection robot model has two separate independent disinfection modes. The first one is vertically mounted UV lights. This works just like other UV Robots. The second one is a sprinkler which sprays atomized Hydrogen Peroxide in the air. The spray is in mist form and disinfects around the moving area of the Robot. Hence this provides much higher disinfection efficiency.

Applications of UV light room sterilizer robot

  1. You can use this UV light cleaning machine with hydrogen peroxide sprinkler to sterilize your Large Area Office, Factory, Hospital, Schools & University.
  2. Sterilize your Rooms, Cabins, Workstations, industrial space using these Robots.
  3. Use Automatic disinfection Robots to disinfect your Operation Theatre and Labs.
  4. This UV Light Robot Sterilizer are effective to sterilize your Car park area.
  5. They automatically disinfect Prison, Courts, Defense Areas etc.
  6. You can efficiently sterilize all your common areas of buildings using this ultraviolet cleaning machine.
  7. Disinfection of Airports and High-Security facility is possible.
  8. Highly efficient for sterilization of Cinema and Opera Halls.

Safety Tips while using UVC Robots and Disinfectant sprinkler Robots

  1. You should start the UVC Robot with Control from a safe distance.
  2. Follow the delay time and hear the buffer to ensure that the UVC Robot is ON.
  3. The lamp of this UV Light Robot Sterilizer contains multiple sensors for collision detection.
  4. You may turn off the Robot on Emergency at any point in time.
  5. Everyone should avoid continuous exposure to UVC Light.
  6. You should avoid excessive exposure to UVC, which may cause skin irritation.
  7. Anyone nearby including an operator should always wear a UV resistant Spectacle.
  8. Nobody should look directly to the lamp at any point in time.
  9. Wearing an entry-level PPE suit is desirable while you are near to the Robot.
  10. Before commencing the operation, you may label the area with caution stickers.
  11. Always use a safe distance for operation.

FAQ on Room Disinfection Robots with UVC

  1. Is Hydrogen Peroxide spray safe for disinfection? Yes. It is a safe disinfectant spray and proven technology for several years.
  2. How do I decide the movement of UVC Robot for disinfection? You can easily Programme through LED panel and Wifi Device.
  3. How many hours do I need to light up the lamp of infected space? You should activate for a minimum of 30 minutes time for sterilization and more if required.
  4. Can I use this Robot in a sensitive area? Yes. You should operate the UVC Robot with Sprinkler as per our safety guidelines.
  5. How many Sensors are available in the Room disinfection Robotic sprinkler? Multiple Sensors in Laser ray, gyroscope and speed are available.
  6. What is the speed of the Robotic sprinkler? The maximum speed of this Robot is 1 meter per second.
  7. Can the user customize the UVC Robot? Yes.UVC Robot follows open Source Software.

Specifications of Automatic Disinfectant sprinkler Robot with UVC lights

  1. Type of the Robotic sprinkler is disinfecting robot.
  2. The model number of this Robot is VACR-D-12Z
  3. Size of the Room sterilizer Robot is 500mm x 500mm x 1350mm.
  4. Disinfectant capacity is 15 Liters.
  5. Net weight of the Robot with UVC light and sprinkler is 70 KG.
  6. The maximum walking speed of the Sprinkler Robot is 1meter per second.
  7. Maximum climbing Angle of the robot is less than or equal to 5 degrees.
  8. The network interface is WIFI, 4G & Bluetooth.
  9. Battery capacity is 48V,15Ah DC.
  10. Rated power of the Robot with an automatic sprinkler is 90W.
  11. Standby current requirement is less than 0.5 A.
  12. Battery life is more than 8 hours for working continuously.
  13. Standby time is more than 48 hours.
  14. Operating life of this UV Robot disinfectant is more than 20000 hours.
  15. Operating temperature and humidity is 0-45℃ and humidity of 5% to 85% without dust.
  16. The robot is ideal for Indoor environment with the flat smooth ground.
  17. Charging is by means of automatic and manual charging.
  18. The input voltage for charging the robot is with an adapter input rated for voltage 220V/50Hz.
  19. Storage temperature is 10℃ to 60℃.
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Product details of Sterilization Robots with UV lights

The product details of this Robot for sterilization using Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Lights are as below:

  1. Brief Title of the device: Sterilization Robots with UV Lights and Sprinkler for disinfection of hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This Robot has a disinfectant sprinkler and vertical UVC tube lights. You can use either one or both of those disinfection methods. They are useful for cleaning all types of large areas.
  3. Model number: VACR-D-12Z
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1031000012
  7. Price (USD): Please contact us
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

We supply these UV Robotic sterilizers with sprinklers across the world. These countries include the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Newzealand etc.