Portable Ozone Sterilizer is a patented innovation of ozone disinfection for your Office, Home, Car to kill 99.9 % of pathogens including Coronavirus. Ozone reaches all levels of your infected area and disinfects in less than 30 minutes. It is a Stylish Product which is available in various colours. The body is made with aviation quality aluminium. The product generates 10mg/hour ozone which is good enough to disinfect the size of a bedroom.  It also removes odours in the area. Also, Ozone removes toxic substances to ensure a nice clean air and surface. It starts operation after a delay of one minute. Thus it ensures the safety of people in the vicinity. Inhalation of Ozone is harmful to human beings. The sterilizer is having a sleek design and matches aesthetically. Hence it is very easy to carry around in different rooms in your home or office. pocket-ozone-sterilizer-for-disinfection-car-smallrooms-cabinet

Features of Ozone sterilizer

  1. It has a stylish design with Aircraft Aluminum Body.
  2. Solid construction ensures that it does not easily break even if you accidentally drop the unit from small heights.
  3. The Ozone sterilizer emits ozone at the rate of 2mg/hour.
  4. This Ozone disinfection machine can kill up to 99.9 % Pathogens including Coronavirus.
  5. Ozone also removes bad odour and toxic substances from the area. Hence you can use it only for the purpose of odour removal too.
  6. There are three selectable modes 30minutes, 90minutes & 3 Hours. Thus, you can select the duration based on the size of the area.
  7. The device starts operating only after a delay of one minute delay for safety. Hence you can safely leave the room.
  8. The disinfector is sleek and small in size to carry anywhere.
  9. It has an excellent battery time as high as 18 Hours. Hence you can use it during the daytime and charge overnight.
  10. The batter power is from a high-quality lithium battery 1200 mAh.
  11. It is a lightweight tabletop model weighing only 152 g.
  12. The product has a length of 11.2 cm and a diameter of 5.2 cm.
  13. The ozone generator has a proven lifetime of 5200 Hours.
  14. You can charge the device with any micro USB charger.
  15. The Ozone disinfector contains No mercury.

Applications of Ozone disinfector

  1. You can use it to sterilize your Car.
  2. You can use it to disinfect hotel rooms, Spas, gymnasium etc.
  3. It is ideal for sterilization of your Rooms and Cabins.
  4. You can use it to disinfect your refrigerator which also removes the bad smell.
  5. The ozone sterilizer can disinfect your toilets & washrooms.
  6. You can keep inside your shoe cabinet to sterilize your shoe and the entire cabinet.
  7. This ozone device is suitable for sterilizing washing machines.
  8. Ozone generators are useful for sterilizing your Cutlery and knives.portable-ozone-sterilizer-for-disinfection-refrigerator-shelves

Safety Tips while using Ozone generator for disinfection & sterilization

  1. Keep away from the unit while in operation.
  2. Avoid continuous inhalation of Ozone which may result in headache.
  3. Ventilate the area after use.
  4. Wash your eyes with water of u expose ozone in excess.
  5. Ozone is non Toxic and inflammable.
  6. Keep the unit away from children.
  7. Ensure Child Lock is activated after use to avoid misuse.
  8. Usage for a long duration will cause deformation of plastic, polythene and many such materials. Hence use only as per our recommendations.

 FAQ  on Ozone devices for disinfection and sterilization

  1. What is Ozone? Ozone is a gas like oxygen, oxygen is o2 and Ozone is O3.
  2. Can Ozone Kill Pathogens and protozoa? Yes. Ozone is a very effective disinfectant.
  3. Can UVC & Ozone kill COVID 19  Virus? Yes. Will deactivate and neutralize Virus.
  4. Is Ozone safe to inhale? No. It is not safe to inhale for a long duration.
  5. Will Ozone remove the bad smell? Yes. Ozone will remove odour and ensure a fresh feel.

Product details of Ozone Sterilizer for Disinfection of home, office, car, shelves, cabinets etc.

The product details of this Ozone disinfector for sterilization are as below:

  1. Brief Title of the device: Ozone Sterilizer for disinfection of car, small rooms, cabinets, shelves etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This Ozone Sterilizer produces Ozone at a small quantity. You have to keep it inside the closed area for 30-60 minutes. Then it will kill up to 99.9% pathogens including Coronavirus. You have to use it while there is no one inside the room. It has a delay timer for safe operation.
  3. Brand: VackerGlobal
  4. Seller: VackerGlobal
  5. SKU Number: 1031000004
  6. Price (USD): 48.00
  7. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

We supply these Ozone sterilizers across the world. These countries include the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Newzealand etc.