A new addition to our UVC family of product is  T 8 UVC LED lamp which will replace  the traditional T 8 ,   4 Feet Quartz UVC Tube lights . UVC LED Tube Light embedded in a nice Batten Enclosure to deliver a highly reliable Product with long working Hours  Typical application include ,  Offices , Factories , Workshops , Hospital , Indoor Stadiums , Food industries  etc . The product can be fixed as recessed /surface mounted /pendant make the product for adaptable to modern day designers. A fully retrofit solution which provides flexibility for future as Tube lights can be changes in case of any failure. Fitted with Microwave Sensor to ensure intruder detection and instant turn off the lamp to ensure further safety. Product ensures clean and safe disinfection of large area with ease without the mess of sticky surfaces . A clean , chemical free , durable , long lasting  and stylish solution for your office/ Hospitals/ Clinics/Airports.


  • Innovative Design with matt black  finish with Aluminum Body
  • Quick & Easy installation , Pendant, Surface mounted and Recessed Models
  • LED TVC Tube Light – 14 W / 28 W power , 180 Degree Coverage.
  • LED UVC Chip  250-280 nm Spectrum
  • No complicated Ballast , Phase & neutral Double side connection
  • Proven technology for removing  9 % Pathogens
  • Delay start for ensure safety
  • Fitted with selectable Timer  modes 30/60  minutes
  • Automatic Turn off of the LED Tube after desired set timer setting.
  • Sensor detects intruder and lamps turns off instantly
  • Input Voltage is 220-230 V AC
  • Adequate coverage up to 20 Square Meter depends on lamp power and time setting
  • Solid built with a weight of y 9 Kg
  • 14 W Model 122 cm and width 8 cm
  • Life span of 30000 Hours
  • Modern and stylish proven sterilizer for office / workshops  applications
UVC Tube Light with Sensor


  • Sterilize your Large Office / Factory/Hospital/Schools/University
  • Sterilize your Rooms, Cabins, Workstations
  • Sterilize your  Kitchen and work area
  • Sterilize your  washrooms
  • Disinfect your  common area
  • Sterilize Passages
  • Disinfect Hotel Reception
  • Sterilize Airport Baggage
  • Sterilize Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Sterilize HVAC ducts for cleaner air

Safety Tips

  • Ensure a safe distance from the lamp at the time of start
  • After delay time , leave the area
  • Intruder detection is enabled foe safety
  • Strictly avoid continuous exposure of UVC Light
  • Exposure of UVC for many hours may cause Skin irritation
  • Try to wear a UV Protector  Spectacle
  • Desirable to wear  PPE Suit
  • If possible deploy Safety Stickers while in operation


UV LED with 250 to 280 nm of is known as UVC LED Light

UVC LED  is a reliable technology to kill pathogens

UVC  LED lights can disrupt DNA/RNA structure of Virus may not reproduce or multiply

A number of the lamp required can be decided based on the area covered and the time of operation. Typically 14 W lamp covers 10-20 Sqm area with half an hour operation.

A minimum of 30 minutes time for sterilization

No. Avoid exposure of UVC on your body to avoid skin irritation.

No. UVC Lamp should be operated with safety guidelines