You need to do Disinfection & Sterilization of offices regularly. An office involves movement of people, both insiders and outsiders. This increases the risk of contamination from pathogens including Covid-19 viruses.

Sterilization of offices using Ultraviolet Lamps

You can use UVC technology to disinfect offices easily.  Since UV technology is chemical-free there is no need to spray chemicals on to surfaces. Hence this is the simplest method for office disinfection. On a daily basis, you will have to switch on the UVC light for disinfection of offices.

You can apply UVC technology for office disinfection with a variety of options based on the budget. One can use a UVC Corn Lamp mounted on a tripod and can disinfect the area. Then you can move the same set to another location. However, this is a time-consuming affair.

Instead, you can fix a UVC Corn lamp on to the ceiling of different locations of the office. This requires calculations based on the area. We can provide assistance on the same. You can switch on the UVC light while closing the office. It will take 30-90 minute based on the size of the office and the rating of the UVC lamp. This is a highly effective way of Disinfection & Sterilization of offices.

If budget allows, another innovative way is to use UVC Robots. You can program the robot which will operate on its own. This is safe and efficient disinfection process after office hours.

Disinfection of offices using antimicrobial sprays

Stayzsafe anti-microbial spray is another way of disinfecting the office efficiently. Stayzsafe is just an onetime application which will last up to one year. However, this is mainly for all fixed items such as tables, chairs etc. This antimicrobial spray for disinfection of offices will not protect you from the contamination happening from incoming courier packets, documents etc. The product is not sticky and annoying and without any odour. Also, there is no interruption of office functioning. You can start functioning on the same day of disinfection. You need not worry about repeated infections thanks to anti-microbial shield of Stayzsafe.

Disinfection Robot with UV light & Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

Our multifunctional disinfection robot has UVC lights and Hydrogen Peroxide Sprinkler. It automatically moves around the floor and cleans the area with UV lights and hydrogen peroxide. You can program the map of the area into the Robot.